Marriage Documents

After basic training, my father was assigned to the 58th Bomb Wing (VH), in training at Smoky Hill Army Air Field, near Salinas, Kansas. The 58th was oversized during training and my father was part of the group that stayed behind to form the core of the 73rd BW when the 58th was deployed to China. It was there that he met and married my mother, Ingred Irene Petersen. Ingred Petersen Lobinske, 1945: click for larger image (13K)

Considerable documentation was required for someone to be considered a legitimate dependent of service personnel.

Dependency Application 1 (Detail): Click for full image (155K)

Dependency Application 2 (Detail): Click for full image (98K)

Dependency Application 3 (Detail): Click for full image (136K)

Dependency Application 4 (Detail): Click for full image (174K)

His time there was partially remembered by these passes that he kept. The class "A" pass allowed married personnel to live off base with spouses. The class "C" pass shown was his final pass before shipping out in July for a nearly two month passage to Saipan.


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